The most modern glulam production line in Estonia was launched at Palmako’s Kavastu factory
06. September 2019

Estonian laminated timber specialist Palmako AS has introduced an innovative glulam production line which makes production more efficient, increases the product range and is more customer-focused.

The new line was designed according to the company’s needs with the goal of making better use of resources, thereby reducing the environmental impact of production.

The production line concept was created as a collaboration of world-renowned professionals. “The new solution will make the production line logistically complete, the whole production will be faster and more flexible. The entire process is optimized and managed using specialized computer software, which minimizes losses during storage and internal logistics, ”explains Rain Raudsepp, CEO of Palmako.

The new line enables the production of glulam beams up to 18 meters long and up to 1280 mm high. "So far the maximum dimensions of the product used to be an important constraint for us but now this problem is alleviated," says Raudsepp.

New production line. Photo: Palmako

According to Production Manager Silver Simenson more emphasis can now be placed on custom-made products. In this case the quantities can be small and projects individual but the new fully automated production line is capable of delivering work quickly while maintaining high quality at a competitive price.

The new investment is worth 12 million euros of which 2 million euros came from the Cohesion Fund of the European Union through the Environmental Investment Center (EIC).

Palmako’s glulam products are sold under the brand Construct by Palmako. The brand's mission is to help the customer save material, time and energy by providing efficient structural timber solutions.

AS Palmako is Estonia’s leading manufacturer of garden log cabins, glulam and machine rounded timber products. Palmako's product range also includes timber frame houses and heating pellets. The company's four factories produce more than 51,000 wooden houses, nearly 27,000 m3 of glulam products, over 24,000 m3 of treated garden products and 46,000 tonnes of pellets per year, all distributed through a large resellers’ network mainly in Europe. AS Palmako is part of Lemeks Group which is Estonia’s biggest timber and forestry concern.

Source: AS Palmako/Press release 04.09.2019