Wooden prefab house collection by TEMPT in cooperation with Nordic Houses
10. September 2013

TEMPT, in cooperation with wooden house manufacturer Nordic Houses and with the support of Enterprise Estonia, is developing a new series of prefab houses – Nordic Concept 2013. The goal is to find solutions where good architecture, functionality and effective technical details enable the production of good and pretty houses on an affordable price level. This should be the biggest value of prefab timber frame houses.

There are four different models in the collection, starting with one storey 80m² little house and ending with luxury three storey 240m² model with the roof terrace. In addition to the houses, we have developed different additions which includes garage, roof for the car, shed, shading elements etc. There are also 6 different color scemes and material sets for the house. The result is that every client can compose a unique house complex for himself or herself.

Great emphasis has put on energy efficiency. The houses have very good compactness ratio and with right orientation to the south it is possible to gain free solar energy through large windows in the southern facade. There are also shading elements for preventing the overheating in summer. On the roof there is a specially designed slope for installing solar panels in the right angle. There are also skylights for illuminating the stair hall on the northern part of the house. Light passes through the rooms and trough the internal window, creating interesting interior and lightning solutions. With the use of the right ventilation and heating systems it is possible to get very good energy efficiency levels.

Architecturally, new element house collection derives its roots from traditional gable roofed house archetype, but gives it a little twist with the slope for solar panels on the roof, with untraditional eaves and other little detailes, which gives the new house a unique and recognizable image. We are also using japanese technique "yakisugi" for the wood finishing on some of the walls. It means that wood has been burned on the surface, which gives the wood very nice dark black texture and also the protection against elements.

Find more information about the collection in: http://tempt.ee/topic.php?topic=2030