Norwegian ambassador got acquainted with the Estonian wooden house sector
14. September 2011

On Friday, September 9, the Norwegian ambassador Lise Nicoline Kleven Grevstad visited the Estonian-Norwegian wooden house producer Nordic Houses OÜ, which belongs to the Estonian Wooden Houses cluster, and got acquainted with Estonian wooden house sector.

At the meeting Argo Saul, manager of Nordic Houses, informed the ambassador that Norway has been and still is the main destination market for the Estonian wooden house producers and that Estonia is the fourth largest exporter of such houses in the EU based on the absolute numbers of sales income.

According to the Chairman of the Estonian Wooden Houses Association and the manager of Nordic Houses OÜ Argo Saul, the meeting was characterized by the ambassador’s sincere interest in the promotion of entrepreneurship. Lise Kleven Grevstad and the managers of Nordic Houses discussed the possibilities of how the politicians and state representatives can contribute to the economic growth through successful entrepreneurship and how could the Norwegian-Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Innovation Norway in cooperation with the Embassy support the activities of the Norwegian-Estonian joint companies.

Kleven Grevstad reminded that Green Technologies is one of the priority areas in the new argeement between Norway and Estonia regards Norway and EEA Grants. Developing partnership between Norwegian and Estonian companies is one of the objectives. Kleven Grevstad asked about the greening of the company and the industry. The Chairman of Estonian Wooden Houses Association Agro Saul assessed that in the latter a large number of Estonian wooden house producers are competitive – in this sector there is a remarkable amount of certified production, more and more ecological materials are used and the role of quality in the production is great.

At the meeting the Norwegian ambassador was also interested in how the accession to the EU and the eurozone has effected the business of the wooden house producers. According to the head of the NH Argo Saul the introduction of euro has certainly been a positive step on their way of enlargement to the markets of EU memberstates, where the main export markets for the wooden house producers are France and Germany.

Nordic Houses is a company founded in 1999 and the main business activity since 2003 is production of houses with wooden frameworks. A large part of the Norwegian market, where the company exported 91% of its products, is covered with the vendors of the Nordic Houses. The shareholders in of the company are Estonian and Norwegian citizens.

Nordic Houses is a member of the Estonian Wooden Houses Association, Estonian Wooden Houses cluster and the Norwegian-Estonian Chamber of Commerce.

Additional information:

Argo Saul
Chairman of the Board of Nordic Houses OÜ
Tel: (+372) 50 76 680