Pre-Fab House of the Year contest winner announced!
18. November 2011

Estonian Woodhouse Association and Estonian Wooden Houses Cluster announced 2nd Annual Contest Pre-Fab House of the Year winner Kodumaja AS their residential housing project in Norway, Oslo made of prefabricated building modules with timber frame structures.

1st Place – Kodumaja AS residential housing project (Oslo)

The building modules are erected on top of site-built concrete structures at the basement and ground floor, which include industrial rooms and traffic areas. The modules are erected as three 5- and 3-storey units around a courtyard. All the storeys of 2 main buildings are visually joined with access balconies and roof terraces.

The contrasting appearance of materials and structures between the street and courtyard side provide the building with a versatile image, which very well reflects variety in its internal engineering. The housing project is built to satisfy all technical requirements and guidelines by Norwegian building regulations.

2nd Place – Seve Ehituse AS residential house built on wooden frame (Norway)

3rd Place – EstNor OÜ unique house balanced mixture of log and timber frame contruction (Norway)

Contest details:

Houses had to be factory-built, made in Estonia and accepted by the client in 2009-2011:

  - The main construction of the building was made from wood and manufactured in a factory located in Estonia;
  - Estonian manufacturer had the control of the design and building of outer visual side