Estonians are building a large office and warehouse building in Sweden
01. August 2016

A member of Estonian Wooden Houses Association and Estonian Wooden Houses Cluster, EstNor OÜ is building a 1600 m2 office and warehouse building in Sweden. The building is unique because it is entirely made of wood.

Architect’ s vision of the building 

Photo: EstNor

Managing Director of EstNor OÜ, Renee Mikomägi, confirmed that their first major construction will be ready in time and according to client’ s wishes:  “It is definitely a big and interesting challenge for EstNor because we have previously been more focused on building residential houses. Since our team is experienced and professional, we feel very confident in this current building process.”  

According to Mikomägi the biggest challenge is time because the contract was signed in March and factory works started in mid May. “Basically the entire building was ready in factory in two months, currently the erection works at jobsite are taking place and that will take approximately 4 weeks,” said Mikomägi and added: “An interesting fact is that we only use 4 people for putting the building up, no more needed.”

EstNor`s contract includes in addition to erection works also concluding the building process until it’ s completely finished. It is planned to finish the works within this year, the building will be taken into use in January.  

An architectural part of the building came from the Swedes but the engineering works took place in Estonia.

„Two EstNor’ s engineers were engaged with the project and for calculating the laminated timber we used engineers from outside our company,” said Mikomägi and assured that Estonian engineers are highly competent.

Sven Mats, Chairman of the Board of the Estonian Wooden Houses Association said that Estonians will be able to produce any wooden building, however complicated it might be. “The currently highest wooden building in the world has been built by Estonians and our members build different types of complicated buildings in addition to apartment buildings and private homes,” added Mats.

„I am happy that the Estonian producers have yet again a landmark to show and I would be even happier if we could present such projects for clients in our homeland,” said Mats and added that Estonians are ready to build at home: “The producers are ready – we hope that clients as well as rescue service officials are prepared to recommend wood as a very good alternative in various new construction projects.”  

„When making a factory house you can be certain that production in inside weatherproof conditions guarantees high quality and using wood creates a healthy and environmentally sustainable living environment. Additionally, Estonian engineers and architects can consider and fulfill clients’ wishes despite if it’ s a private home or a large warehouse,” assured Mats.