Estonian Woodhouse Association celebrated jubilee year with opening of the sector's showroom
10. September 2019

Umbrella organization that unites timber house manufacturers and related companies, Estonian Woodhouse Association, celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. An important event of the year, opening of the sector´s showroom in Estonian Open Air Museum´s new museal, a contemporary timber house, took place on August 31.

EWA 20th anniversary, Managing director Lauri Kivil. Photo: Jelena Rudi

According to Managing Director of Woodhouse Association, Lauri Kivil, the organization has been standing for creating a quality living environment and developing Estonia´s economy for twenty years already.  „In the Association we represent companies who produce dream homes to people from a renewable resource, also work environments and public buildings. It is of a priceless value for the organization to work with companies whose production is not contradictory to customers´ values and expectations – timber house certainly carries that idea.“ Years of activity has proven that if we are able to increase the share of timber use in construction, we contribute to saving the environment, decreasing of wasting resources and we also contribute to Estonia´s economy. Kivil adds that this vision can be further explained and introduced to the public via the new showroom opened in Estonian Open Air Museum.   

Estonian Open Air Museum´s new museal, a contemporary timber house. Photo: Jelena Rudi

During the jubilee event and with opening ceremony of the showroom, Estonian Open Air Museum was also presented with their new museal building – 21st century factory produced timber house. Contemporary timber house, a museal in the museum´s rural architecture collection, is a common present from Estonian woodhouse sector and Puiduklubi MTÜ. Kivil says that member companies of Woodhouse Association had been looking for opportunities to realise this project for years and last year was a break through in this sense. „Sector´s common project, the most complicated one over the years, found a lead partner in person of Argo Saul, an entrepreneur who has been active in the sector for many years and in consortium companies of Tehasemaja OÜ. Consortium consists of companies who together with more than 120 different supply chain partners have built the house that the showroom is in.“

Member of the Management Board Tanel Veeremaa and project leader Argo Saul. Photo: Jelena Rudi

Argo Saul, who has been leading the construction process of the new museal, assures that this building, which introduces the sector and was built with the help of European Regional Development Fund, is a rare private initiative project in Baltic and Scandinavian context. „Showroom that introduces products, technologies, success oriented companies and sector´s development, together with the rest of the building makes up a wholesome competence centre. It is a wonderful opportunity for customers who wish to build a timber house to find information about different types of timber houses and find answers to questions that have risen during house planning process,“ adds Saul.  

Until the building is completely finished, it is possible to visit the new house and showroom with prior notice at:

Besides opening of the showroom and delivering the new museal building, there have been other events in the sector during the year – common forest planting where 30 000 trees were planted; Woodhouse Day tradition was started; annual „Pre-Fab House of the Year“ contest took place, also vocational competition of the best craftsman of handmade log house, etc.  

Estonian Woodhouse Association was established by 17 woodhouse producers in May 1999. Currently there are 64 members – woodhouse producers, engineers, architects and supply chain partners. Main objective of the Association is to increase its members´ competitiveness and export capability through different common activities and promoting of timber construction. Members together with the Association commonly solve work force issues, develop vocational studies, create sector´s imago and politics.


Showroom has been co-funded by Estonian Woodhouse Association and European Regional Development Fund via Enterprise Estonia measure “Project competition of support services of enterprises export growth”.