Estonian web-based architecture marketplace announces architecture competition for a prefabricated house to be built to Stavanger
24. November 2014

Estonian web-based architecture marketplace start-up, in cooperation with prefabricated house builders Nurban and Kodumaja, is announcing a competition for the design of modern prefabricated houses for sites in Stavanger, Norway and Ülenurme near Tartu, Estonia.

"With the help of internationally renowned architects from all over Europe we hope to gather progressive ideas in building with wood and achieve buildings that are contemporary and of high quality, yet low cost and easy and cheap to assemble," said Tiit Sild, CEO of The overall aim of the competition is to expand the knowledge of architects and prefabricated house producers and therefore increase the export capability of participating architects. The target groups of the competition are real estate developers and architects.

The prize fund for the competition is 19 200€. In addition to that, participating architects and architecture offices are offered the opportunity to use as a selling tool and marketing platform for their work.

Competition is focussed on two areas, Svertingstad Gård near Stavanger in Norway and Ülenurme in Estonia. Competition categories are row (terraced) houses and apartment houses, both set in different countries and different contexts. The houses will be manufactured by Estonian developers and marketed mainly to Estonia and Norway, but also to other markets. Estonia is the no 1 exporter of wooden houses in Europe with an annual sales volume of over 200 m€. Nearly 90% of the total production is sold outside Estonia, the main target markets being Scandinavia, Germany, and the UK, with partners reaching as far as Japan, South Africa and South Korea.

The competition brief can be downloaded from Deadline for the competition is 26 January 2015. Winners of the competition will be announced in February 2015. is a web-based platform for good modern architecture with the aim of introducing quality architecture to prefabricated home manufactures, thus improving our living environment. We provide our customers with pre-designed houses conceived by promising architects coupled with the expertise and experience of reliable manufacturers.

The competition is supported by Nurban AS, Kodumaja AS, Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Estonian Ministry of Culture, Velux AS, Q-Haus OÜ, Woodland Homes OÜ, Fenestra AS, Tartu City Government, Tallinn City Department of Enterprise, department store Solaris and the Estonian Centre of Architecture.



Tiit Sild CEO

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