Estonian log house producer Finnlog exports nearly 40% to Russia
26. September 2013

The export of nearly 40% to Russia and a growth of demand in the domestic market increased the sales turnovers of laminated log houses sales and construction company Finnlamelli Eesti OÜ operating under the brand Finnlog by a fifth in 2013 compared to the first eight months last year.  

The active sales work in the Russian market has paid off and the current growth trend shows great potential for the coming years also, said Alar Anton, CEO of Finnlamelli Eesti OÜ.

„Finland has also been one of the most important markets where long traditions of the log construction contribute to the growth of demand,“ said Anton.

The company also focuses on the Norwegian market and is doing the preparatory work in many other European and Asian markets as Anton emphasizes the importance of increasing the share of exports.

Finnlamelli Eesti OÜ share of exports has remained stable compared to the same period last year, instead a growing interest of log houses can be seen in Estonian market. This is also reflected in the annual sales results of company, as the sales in the domestic market grew by almost a half.

„Promoting the innovative wood architecture favors the greater competition in domestic market and supports expanding to new markets. We are also one of the few companies in Estonia that offers ten-year warranty to load-bearing parts of houses,“ said Anton.

Finnlamelli Eesti OÜ founded in 2003 is using Finnlog brand both in Estonia and in foreign markets. The company is primarly focusing to developing architectural solutions, sales and construction of laminated log houses. In Finland market only the construction services are offered. The company was recognized The Successful Estonian Company certificate in 2012  and had a net sales of approximately 4.8 million EUR in the same year.