Competition of handcrafted log house builders celebrates its anniversary
02. July 2020

Professional vocational competition of handcrafted log houses, that celebrates its 10th anniversary, takes place in Hiiumaa on the 1st of August. In the competition there will be professionals as well as students who are acquiring the profession. The best technique and speed have to be shown in making of corner joint and groove of a log.

Estonian Woodhouse Association and Cluster in co-operation with South-Estonian log house producers and Hiiumaa Vocational School hold the competition of handcrafted log house builders for the 10th time. Such a professional vocational competition where colleagues can compare their skills is one of a kind in Estonia and on international scale. The competition has taken place in Räpina as well as in Tallinn in previous years, but forces shall be joined in Hiiumaa this year. The island with its vocational school has prepared many specialized handmade log house builders during recent years.

The competition shall be a part of the week of introducing the Hiiu island culture, saunas and also the woodhouse sector. There will be competitions, trainings, boat trips, open saunas, etc. Objective of the vocational competition is to promote the vocation of handmade log house builder and the tradition itself. Competition task is to make one log house corner type. Judges shall judge the speed of installation and precision. Winner will be the master who does it the fastest and most precisely.  

Competition of handcrafted log houses 2019 in Tallinn. Photo: Taavi Sepp

An important step in developing the competition was taken two years ago when besides professionals, also students of vocational schools who are only learning the profession, could participate as well. Creation of such a category has turned into a great co-operation with Hiiumaa Vocational School, who in addition to taking their students to participate, is one of the main organizers of the competition.  

One of the organizers, managing Director of Woodhouse Association, Lauri Kivil says that such a public competition and introduction of techniques to regular people helps to pass on the tradition, maintain the tradition and develop it. „Handmade log house has been and will be one of the most preferred country home solutions. It is clear that the master´s skills are the most important aspect in building a high quality and airtight handmade log home. Holding the competition for already 10 years has certainly helped to keep the skills of our local masters on world level.” When a customer orders a house from a company that has participated at the competition and even won it, it is the best guarantee there can be in order to get a high-quality home and pleasing end result, adds Kivil. 

Everybody is welcome to come and cheer the participants!

10th Handcrafted log house builder’s vocational competition takes place on August 1st in Hiiumaa, Suuremõisa, beginning at 10.00 a.m.

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The competition is supported by European Regional Development Fund through cluster development program of Enterprise Estonia in the frames of Estonian Wooden Houses Exporters Cluster Project.